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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No end to Monty praise...

Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, better known as Monty Panesar, is quite in the thick of things now. Only a few weeks ago his inclusion in the England eleven was much debated and now he has been the most reliable wicket-taker for England against the West Indians. While England's pace attack has always done most of the work, Panesar's arrival has been gladly recieved as the much needed 'quality spinner' in the English attack. And the encomiums continue to pile up. Here is the sampling of the Monty wave on the Internet.

Monty Magic!

Monty's got mettle

An example to us all - Monty Panesar

Could Monty Panesar become England's top wicket-taker of all time?

And here is the crème de la crème in case you are not already aware of it: Monty Panesar has a whole website dedicated to him and his exploits. The site,, features anything and eveything about Monty and even offers Monty merchandise not the least of which being T shirts shouting out stuff like 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmMonty!' and 'I love Monty'.

This is not just a wave Monty is causing. This is a whole damn cyclone!

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