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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Muralidharan tormenting Bangladesh

Sri Lankans have a serious knack in dealing with lesser teams of the cricket World or otherwise the 'minnows'. Every time Sri Lanka is pitted against a minnow, the minnow invariably gets horribly crushed under the Lankan attack. While other teams too generally manage to win against the weaker ones, Sri Lankans almost always run through them like a mighty cyclone. Bangladesh is getting the treatment this time and spearheading the assault is Muralidharan. With 5 wickets in the first innings and two more as of now in the second, he is brutally wounding Bangladesh in the ongoing test match against them at Colombo. And he is currently about 40 odd wickets away from overturning Shane Warne's record of most number of test wickets. Two more test matches against Bangladesh and I think he will achieve that mark with ease!

That said, some credit should be given to the way the Bangladesh batsmen have performed in the second innings. Their first innings was a disaster with them falling for a mere 89 all out and to be honest I didn't expect anything better from them in the second innings too. But surprisingly they have done really well so far sticking to the crease with an almost stubborn resistance. Of course the match is practically in Lankan hands now but this unexpected Bangaldeshi resistance has been a treat to watch. The Fernando-Ashraful duel was especially entertaining to the core. But unfortunately Ashraful fell trying to hoist one over long on. And guess who got the wicket. Yes, the wily Murali again.

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