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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its Monty again

The England team must be enjoying life at the Carribbean. I guess the players just don't want to come back from the tour and want to keep playing the West Indies all year long.

There has been this age old joke about Indian cricket that if anyone need to regain form they just need to play India. And unfortunately that seems to true of the West Indians now. Inspite of a horrible Ashes tour followed by an even worse World Cup, the English now look like champion cricketers. The invincibles.

Vaughan wanted blood. He was talking earlier in the series about ruthlessness and the need to convincingly wrap up the series and ruthless they have been, ably helped but a very condescending West Indian outfit.

And so in combination with some great bowling by Panesar, Hoggard and Harmisson and some pathetic batting in the West Indies' part the match turned out to be
another frustrating one-sider where cricket again lost. Finding new lows consistently, the West Indies have been a big let down.

Honestly, Chanderpaul was the only man in the West Indian camp who looked like he was comfortable with the bat. Another man who looked mildly comfortable was Dwayne Bravo. But Chanderpaul was brilliant and played some really delectable shots. But then he too had to succumb. What with Monty spinning magic like that! He has been a pain in the neck for the West Indian team all through the series and this match was no less. 5 wickets in the second innings with as many as 3 of them being clean bowled.

So now the English are all pumped up. This surge is all the more significant for me because the Indian visit is next up. Wonder what Monty & co. will have in store for us. And I can only hope the Indian team doesn't do another West Indies out there.

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