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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cricket teams and their boards

It is interesting that when a team is suffering with its on-field performance the respective board also begins to struggle with its functions and vice-versa. Here are some facts:
* The Pakistan team is struggling on the field and the board too is neck deep in all sorts of controversies, allegations and counter-allegations regarding selections, coaches and what not!

* Same with the Indian board. The playing team has lost its way entirely and so has the board. What with all that ruckus about coach selection and player's contracts etc.

* Zimbabwean cricket has always struggled. The board and the players hardly recognize each other's powers. Hell, the whole country is struggling over there.

* And ofcourse the West Indian cricket board. While the team of cricketers have been busy exploring unknown depths, the board is in a complete tangle regarding contract issues and tour management. The captain and the board are eternally going after each others throats and mutual satisfaction seems a far dream.
Looks like there is some mysterious connection between a cricket team's form on the field and it's concerned cricket board's management duties off the field.

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