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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bedi at it again!

Whether he does it to get into the public eye or he really believes in what he says Bishan Singh Bedi has obviously been one of the more outspoken men in Indian cricket circles..possibly even among all international cricketers.

I clearly remember reading about an interview of his that had happened long ago when he was asked what he thought about Murali as a spinner. His reply was typical Bedi: Let him bowl first, we could then talk about his bowling! Yeah, he is outspoken, no doubt. He had further gone on during the same interview to shower praises on Darrell Hair for being brave and courageous, something that no other man would have dared to say, given the controversies that were surrounding hair following his calling Murali for chucking. He is outspoken but he does create some great cricket gossip for the media and the fans to lap up in no time.

And now he is at it again. This time his rants are aimed at Sunil Gavaskar.
"Cricket circles had immense and blind respect for him [as a cricketer] and he successfully used this to ensure that board officials remained in awe of him," Bedi told Outlook, a weekly Indian magazine. "He wants the glamour, the position and if there are any financial gains so much the better ... but he does not want any accountability. He's always liked power without accountability."
Now that is a big allegation. One that can cause more than just a flutter. But then that is Bishen SIngh Bedi. And again whether he said just for some attention garnering or whether he actually meant it will never be known. But his quotes make some good gossip anyway!

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