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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Who benefits from the World Cup?

Guess who benefits the most from the World Cup. Not Australia...not Sri Lanka. Of course the ICC too did benefit from the World Cup, not in terms of reputation(who cares about it anyway) but they surely gained in terms of pocket weight.

But there is another bigger beneficiary: the BCCI! Surprising huh? Apparently the BCCI is contemplating on moving a no-confidence motion against Malcolm Speed, the ICC chief executive, for the shabby way in which the World Cup was organized. Talk of vested interests.

We all know how greedily Sharad Pawar, the present BCCI chief, is eyeing the post of ICC chief. And we again witness here another huge drama unfold designed and choreographed for the achievement of Mr.Pawar's fantasies. Fair enough anyway. Pawar is a politician and not anything more can be expected of him. But this comment coming from the BCCI literally had me in splits:
"We are not that satisfied," Niranjan Shah told the newspaper. "It is becoming more and more bureaucratic. My board is of the belief that cricket is a simple, enjoyable game, but that is not how it appears at present.

"The ICC has so many staff members. It is unnecessarily employing so many people and that costs the other members. The ICC should move away from the bureaucracy and become more simplified. They should be concentrating more on the game."
Ho Ho Ho...ICC is making cricket too beueaucratic, huh? BCCI regards the game as "simple" and "enjoyable" huh? ICC should be concentrating more on the game, huh? Look who's talking! This must be a joke! Niranjan Shah should be coming out tomorrow screaming: April Fool!


lankanews said...

You have pointed out some interesting points.

Anuraw said...

totally agree with you anant, me too feel like that. But do you heard that peoples even talking about the ICC link with Match Fixers?

Sometimes I wonder if they making us all fool!!