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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a series!

So the Lankans have got the upper hand over Pakistan at last. After suffering two defeats against Pakistan, the World Cup runners up had a lot to play for. One being the pride factor. They would surely not want people talking about their superb World Cup run as a mere fluke. So they had a point to prove and had to hold their chins high which meant they needed a win against Paksitan in the last match of the 3 match series, inspite of the series already being lost. And then ofcourse there was the Moody factor. With their coach, Tom Moody, leaving the Sri Lanka job after this match they would have felt they owed one last victory to him after the awesome effort he has put into Sri Lankan cricket that almost saw Sri Lanka repeating their 1996 feat of a World Cup truimph.

Whatever the reasons, the deserving team agan won with the only difference being that the deserving team this time round was Sri Lanka rather than Pakistan which won the first two of the matches. If the boring India-Bangladesh test match had me regretting having watched it, I am kicking myself for having missed half the live telecast of this Sri Lanka-Pakitan series. After all, this is where all the action was. Thankfully, a timely phone call from a friend ensured I didn't miss Shahid Afridi going Berserk.
On Pakistan's new captain
Looks like Shoaib Malik has got off to a great start to his tenure as captain(he owes a lot to Shahis Afridi). A booming series victory against an in-form side and a nice show with the bat in the final match. Pakistan has had an infamous history of players being unco-operative(does such a word exist?) with the captain and one effective way to stitch a team together, I believe, is to have a captain who commands respect. If Malik can continue with the way he has started and learn from his mistakes on the way, there is no reason why he shouldn't be a good captain and why the Pakistan team can't take a few leaps ahead under him.

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