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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What better than a sting operation on Indian cricket!

Already the public ire in a cicket crazy nation(India, that is) is focussed on the players, manager, coach and everyone else associated with any level Indian cricket. And what better way for a TV channel to cash in on the situation and gain some eyeballs than a sting operation on what is happening in the Indian dressing room.
'Headlines Today', the news channel has come up with just that! Ah, such shrewdness! These people never miss a business oppurtunity, do they? No one knows the truth of course. Just some very misty and unclear facts, a lot of spicy toppings and the gossip is ready to be splashed on every TV screen and every print media out there(hmmm...this includes this blog, I suppose).
And what are the findings? The same old things actually with some added masala that a sting operation offers. It seems the coach, Greg Chappell, and the senior players had some serious disagreements(anything new?). And Ganguly and Sachin are not in very good terms with Dravid. Apparently they are hoping that he fails so one of them could take on the mantle of captain!
Ofcourse, I don't know and neither do care what happens in the dressing room as long as we are doing well on the field. But I have to say it is laughable to even think that such childish thoughts could be running in the minds of responsible and highly regarded cricketers playing for the nation. This so called sting operation looks like a lot of nonsense to me. Just a claim for 2 minutes of fame.

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