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Monday, May 28, 2007

Well done Zaheer!

So India have finally conquered Bangladesh. Surely nothing to be excited about, given the quality of the opposition, but definitely a lot to be relieved about! So here is a sigh of relief from me..phew! With the kind of penchant the Indian team happens to have to mess things up right at the end when everything seems to be going on perfectly, what a relief it is to see our guys come through. Three cheers to the Indian team!!

There were moments, I will not deny, even during the final stages of the match, when I felt pretty certain some mess up had to happen, especially when Mashrafe Mortaza was doing a great job undoing the efforts of the cricket ball factories. Thankfully, Sachin Tendulkar came to the rescue yet again picking up Mortaza's wicket for the second time(hmmm..Sachin can claim a bunny now).

But there was one man who looked just perfect and unstoppable and that was Zaheer Khan! A fiver in the first innings and two quick top order wickets in the second were cracking blows on the Bangladesh spine. And when you realize that that performance came on a flat track with nothing at all for the quickies, it was one hell of an effort by the big man.

So with the three cheers to the Indian team add ten cheers to Zaheer Khan! And twenty more to his huge heart and consistent perseverence. Way ta go Khan Saab......

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