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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some fresh cricket gossip

Whoa! Now, this is very interesting and extremely gossip-worthy news! Apparently Maninder Singh, the soft spoken Sardar and former left-arm spinner, was found possessing 1.5 grams of coacaine, a banned drug, at his residence. Nobody seems to know how and why but this will mean is that if found guilty he could be arrested. It seems the Delhi police were tracking a Nigerian national who was indulging in drug trafficking in the country and somehow believe him to be selling the drugs to Maninder Singh. what may you be upto Maninder Paaji? Who would have thought this tricky left-arm spinner turned commentator who was part of the famous Indian World Cup truimph in 1983 would get involved in a drug controversy? Surely Chetan Chauhan his Delhi teammate never thought of that too:

"I am completely surprised. I have played with him for Delhi, for two or three seasons. I had no inkling of any previous instances involving him. I can't believe this."

Believe me, you are not the only surprised person Mr.Chauhan.

Luckily for Maninder though, the quantity of 1.5 grams is not enough do be deemed as "for commercial use" but will be treated as "for personal use". But that wont stop the Police from booking a case against Maninder Singh. However, that gives Maninder a chance to get out on bail. Some relief for the Sardar.

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