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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain kills a chance, India takes the series

So the third match in the three match series against Bangladesh has been called off due to incessant rain. India hardly gets to win a match nowadays and when we have a match coming that we are sure to win, down comes rain to wash away all our bright plans for a rare celebration(just let me know if I am getting over-critical of the Indian team)! Luckily we had managed victories in the first two games and have therefore ensured the three match series is ours. How many years it has been since we have seen the Indian team strike a pose as in that pic on the right.

Actually, the washing away of the match will not have just dissapointed the victory-starved fans but also some of the players who would have gotten a chance to play in the final match. Robin Uthappa or RP Singh or both, for example, might have featured in the last game and what better forum to display their wares than against an under-strength Bangladesh team. In Indian cricket, especially, one century, regardleess of the team you score it against, will book you a place in the squad for atleast an year to come. RP Singh and Uthappa should be ruing their fate and with good reason.

To top it all atleast 3-4 Bangladesh players(Mohammad Ashraful, Shahadat Hossain Rajib, Abdur Razzak and Farhad Reza) are apparently incapacitaited by some sort of viral fever in the Bangladesh camp. Tackling Bangladesh is easy enough compared to the other teams. But a Bangladesh team with 3-4 players out is just candy for the taking. Not just RP Singh and Uthappa but even the others poor-performers such as Sehwag and Mongia would be smashing their heads against the walls in frustration.

Ofcourse, the test matches are still there. But with Sachin and Saurav coming back into the side, not many other newcomers are going to get a chance. And Dravid was talking about using the series win as a spring board. I can only hope that happens.

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