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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A question of evolution

Was doing some thinking. What are the main essential qualities that are basic for survival for the modern one-day international batsman? Natural flair? Technique from the manuals? The proper cricketing acumen?

Ten years before, to be called a cricketing great, required the player to have all the above qualities. But looking around at all the successful batsmen of now I can think of only four main qualities: aggressiveness, confidence, brute strength and some shrewd thinking.

How many of the present day one-day international cricketers do all that stuff about using the wrists, turning the face of the bat at the right moment, the little delicate flicks, the picking up of gaps and rotating the strike etc.? Except for a period of roughly 15 overs between the 20th and the 35th of a 50 over match it is always just brute attack all the time. In a few years even those 15 overs of conventional cricket will become unnecessary.

As the game evolves, batting is just getting more and more of literal powerplay. On the other hand bowling is evolving in the reverse direction. Just mere pace and aggressiveness is not the sought after quality. More and more emphasis is on deceit and 'out-thinking' the batsman.

I might be wrong but it certainly does seem like batting is turning into the more grotesque part of cricket while bowling is evolving into the art form.

What do you think?

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