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Friday, May 18, 2007

Poor Inzi

Inzamam haughty? I can't believe that could be possible. And yet that is what he is being accused of by a three member committee appointed by the PCB to look into Pakistan's World Cup disaster. Of course we will never know the real truth of what exactly hapenned for him to be called so(for all we know, these allegations could be a result of dirty politics and personal egos), but the soft-spoken fellow seems so affable and easy-going that him being haughty is something that has never crossed my mind. And as if that was not enough his attitude is being held responsible for Pakistan's debacle in the World Cup. Sounds like scape-goat hunting to me. Apparently this is what Ijaz Butt, the head of the committee opined(From Cricinfo):
"Inzamam's attitude was haughty and that of a dictator and more than one incident proved that. Inzamam should have been removed from the captaincy. As a player he was world-class but his attitude was haughty during and before the tournament. When the Pakistan Cricket Board sent a selector with the team on tour to South Africa in January-February this year, Inzamam did not involve the selector in team selection"
Now I am a big fan of the burly Inzamam-Ul-Haq and this treatment to a player who has been such a great servant of Pakistan's cause for more than a decade is very distasteful. Even considering the allegations are true, I dont think the PCB has the right to be so cruel to a man who has contributed so much to the game of cricket.

If Inzamam is haughty then this three member committee seems haughtier to me. The PCB has already made itself look quite funny with the way the doping issue involving Akhtar and Asif was handled and this time too the way they have dealt with Inzamam is blatantly outrageous. Surely, Inzamam deserves better. 


ugyen said...

Inzamam deserve all the credit and applauds for his service to the cricket world. Am sure that selector are more haughtier than Inzamam.

Ananth said...

Always nice to find some support, ugyen. These administrators and officials who know nothing about on-field happenings consistently take away a lot of sheen from the real game....maybe its time someone showed then their right place...