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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now, whom are we to believe?

A month and a half ago during the Word Cup in the Carribean, a bombshell dropped on the tournament with the news of Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer's sudden death. The world first thought it is a death due to natural causes. And then came the shocking news that Bob Woolmer was actually murdered. And now England's Scotland Yard , after the whole world believes Woolmer was murdered, says there is no evidence pointing towards a murder. Now this is getting too heady for me.

The question is that how is it possible for such a high profile investigation carried out by a team of well trained and professional policemen be so fundamentally wrong? Beats me. If I remember well the Jamaican police had in sure terms termed Bob Woolmer's death as a due to manual strangulation. They had even found samples of poison in Woolmer's body. And now it was not a murder at all? Something fishy going on here. Could it be that the cricket world is trying to hush up the story for fear of negative publicity to the game? Alright. Maybe I am going a little too far. 

But as a fan of the game I would very well like to believe the death was not a murder at all. Clumsy and greedy cricket administration has brought enough negative attention. The game can do without a murder to boot. A death is sad and bad enough.

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