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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maninder Singh owns up

So Maninder Singh was infact taking drugs. And that too for the past one-and-a-half years! Who would have believed that had it not come out as a confession from the man himself. Frankly, when I read about the news of the arrest I was almost wanting to believe there was some kind of mistake. This man has been commmentating on television for many years now and all cricket followers in India have, I am pretty sure, grown quite familiar to his presence. And to think that the same man was hooked to drugs all the time! That shakes me up and, dare I say, is even amusing too.

And how does he defend himself? He apparently claims he was having a pretty rough patch at home and had taken to drugs to 'de-stress' himself. Common excuse. First of all we dont know how much of that is believable and even it was true nothing and definitely not 'a rough time at home' can justify doping. If every guy going through 'a rough patch at home' resorted to drugs half the world would have been flooded with junkies.

I believe it to be true that Maninder Singh is as guilty as a Shoaib Akhtar, if not more, and that means it should be seen to that this matter is dealt with approprate seriousness by the Indian cricket fraternity. A ban on him from futher cricket commentating work? Probably.

Ans on a side note, it seems like Maninder Singh is very well represented in court. Take a look at what the lawyer, Mr.SK Ahluwalia, has to say:

"My client has never taken any kind of drugs. There is a rival group in the cricket world that is working against him. The police are trying to implicate him"
Ha!! Typical lawyer. Rival group huh? haha..that's funny. Maninder is already out on bail and if any further complications arise in the case he is surely in safe hands!


Anonymous said...

Well, dear Mr.whoever you are, first of all, I could not understand the exact motive of yours behind writing all this, second, now that you have written and published it, one thing that I would like to say is, that everyone is free to openly express their views, but the way you've framed, or you might say expressed them, I am completely, if not disagreeing, "not-accepting" whatever you've written.
See, the point that you mention,
"If every guy going through 'a rough patch at home' resorted to drugs half the world would have been flooded with junkies"
well see, tension is one thing, and the level of tension is another. How can you make even a bit worth guess of what kind of TENSIONS Maninder is going through?
See, in this world, tension is technology, you never know what the highest level of tension is, it is just not possible to make out, by any means.
You are taking this as if by taking drugs, he has become the worst guy on the earth, but see friend, a few marks on the moon hardly spoil it's beauty, have you ever thought, if he is banned from cricket commentry, how hard it would be on him?? If there already were tensions that he was facing, banning him from cricket commentry, which is one of the most important sources through which he earns money, he probably would take some more disastrous and thunderous step, which might even lead to loss that others may also have to pay for.................
see, approving or not approving this comment is entirely in your hands(though I spent quite a lot of time replying in your blog), even if my point was clear to you, I would be satisfied.

Ananth said...

I get you loud and clear, anon. And thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Of course everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But all I hav to say is level of tension and all such things included, I believe nothing whatsoever can justify doping. When you have 'tensions' however huge that maybe, is doping the answer? Shouldn't you be facing them with a brave face and a big heart? What I mean is if this man is taken as an example by the millions around the world and they too resort to thinking that doping can alleviate 'tensions', what a sad world that would be!