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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - back to star status

Dhoni has had quite a roller-coaster journey through his cricketing days. But most of the times he has been travelling uphill. A greenhorn Dhoni within months captured the imagination of Indian and other followers of the game and in the process even managed to conquer the top spot in the ODI list of batsmen. Mysore Sandal Soaps, a company which was suffering losses of late, roped in Dhoni for their commercials and almost immeditely started seeing huge profits. Such was the influence Dhoni exercised on the minds of die-hard Indian cricket fans(including yours truly, though I've still not switched to Mysore sandal soaps).

In the home series against Sri Lanka before the World Cup Dhoni enthralled the audience with some atrocious hitting resulting in huge wins for India. Then came the World Cup. The whole Indian team underperformed and who bears the brunt? Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Fans(wrong word, maybe) vandalised his under-construction home causing security fears to his family. Such is the influence Dhoni exercises on the minds of die-hard Indian cricket fans(oops...wong word again). A success and a failure cause such extreme reactions among the common public.

And now with his post World-Cup success in Bangladesh one female fan managed to breach security and give him a hug and even plant a kiss on him. So Dhoni is back to being a star? You can never say that for sure. Two ducks in a row for him combined with two dropped catches and his house is going down again. If you can't believe anyone can be so crazy about one man then this video is for you:

Nice player, huh?

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