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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let's play coach coach

Who's going to be India's next coach? If you happened to have asked me this question three days ago, I would have looked you in the eye and said: Dav Whatmore. Now, I'll look you in the eye and say: anyone but Dav Whatmore.

What a turn of events this humt for coach has taken! A lot has transpired since the day when Dav Whatmore decided to dump the Bangladesh coach job in anticipation of a better job, that of the Indian coach. His blatant willingness to do anything for the job was so very obvious and with his very impressive coaching record with the Lankans and Bangladesh more recently Whatmore was a frontrunner for the coaching job. Add to that all the news reports of the hush-hush meetings the Indian cricket management was having with him during the Bangladesh tour, and anyone would feel he was the top choice for the job. Not to be so. Just take a look what Kapil Dev apparently said in a press conference about Whatmore and his chances.
"Who is Whatmore? Why do we need to talk about Whatmore? Or, for that matter, anybody not associated with our team at this point in time. In my opinion, when Ravi (Shastri) isn't available after Bangladesh, the Board should give the coach's powers to Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh, both of whom have played international cricket and are currently working with the boys."
Wow! That's interesting! Kapil Dev is on that panel of experts who will choose the next Indian coach and I think that comment clearly means he is rooting for an Indian coach and if not an Indian coach, anyone but Whatmore will get his vote. Meanwhile Gavaskar has also been harping about the lacking tactical ability in the Bangladesh camp after their heavy test-match loss to India. And of course he is on the panel too . Two big votes gone for Whatmore.

So who will be India's next coach? I will not hazard a guess. The fog is too dense right now. We'll just have to sit tight and wait for the 4th of June. What more can we do?!! (Sorry, I just had to say that! It is a funny name!)

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