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Monday, May 21, 2007

Inzamam hits back

The ongoing spat between the PCB and Inzamam-Ul-Haq is becoming more and more a case of washing dirty linen in the public. Why the two parties cannot sort out their problems and differences quietly without getting the media involved is something very intriguing. The Pakistan cricket team is already suffering with the problem of clashing personalities comprising it and instead of forgetting past happenings and moving ahead with the team building task at hand the PCB has most stupidly and unfortunately chosen to create more controversies and disparities. The committee probing Pakistan's World Cup debacle should not have, in the first place, come out in the open with such outrageous accusations against Inzamam, a player who was once the toast of the nation. Problems can be solved at a personal level too. And now Inzamam's lashing out, though totally understandable, is not helping at all.
"How they can comment on captaincy without having experienced it, is beyond me. I am no dictator. Neither was I ever autocratic as a captain. I always took decisions after consulting the other senior players and team management. The strange thing is that when the team was doing well under my captaincy no one said anything. More strange is the part that former players have criticised me in the past for being too easy-going on the field and not showing more authority as captain. And the committee says I was a dictator. The sad fact is that in Pakistan cricket, after every big defeat blame has to be laid on someone. This time it is me. But why do people forget how well the team did in so many matches. We had one bad tournament and I accept responsibility for that. But to brand me all these things has hurt me."
There, he has said it. He is chosen to be the scapegoat, no doubt, and he knows that. But given the situation Pakistan cricket is in, why look for scapegoats at all is the million dollar question. Whom is the PCB trying to appease? 

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