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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Indian Cricket League

Remember Subhash Chandra? He is the head of the Essel Group which are in turn the owners of the Zee network. He was the one who had come up with plans for an Indian Cricket League right after the World Cup. I had almost forgotten about that. But apparently Subhash Chandra has not been sitting quiet all this time. Plans are on for a tournament to be conducted around September-October of this year.

This will surely be very very interesting. Not only will the games themselves be interesting but also the reaction of the BCCI to this venture. But Chandra has some pretty exciting plans running which I think would in the long run prove good for Indian cricket. If everything goes right six teams will compete in the tournament with each team consisting of two Indian internationals, four overseas players and eight juniors. Chandra is of the opinion that the tournament could help in building the Indian bench-strength which has always been found wanting. Of course we know he is looking for more than that. Something greener maybe. But when the Ranji format in domestic cricket is surely not being very effective in churning out competent players capable of competing in international conditions, I don't see any harm in trying out something new.

Even better news is that Brain Lara, Shane Warne and GlennMcGrath are likely to take part. Young junior cricketers can definitely do with some lessons from such masters of the game. I am looking forward to this league happening and finding out what it can offer. With a prize money of US $1 million involved I am sure many others are looking forward to the league too.

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