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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Good win for India

Now this win against Bangladesh is what I call a convinving win. Finally after decades(let me know if I am exaggerating) of waiting we have a convincing win to boast about. After the disappointment of watching the Indian players struggling to earn a victory against Bangladesh in the previous match of the series, we have managed to win without giving the opposition even a sniff of victory. 

The victory margin was a humble 46 runs(it would have been much more if not for some late hammering by Mortaza) but then atleast Bangladesh never looked like they would win at all. And unlike the first match the bowling really struck. Zaheer Khan , our best bowler, looked much better than the last match. But what an amazing debut match for Piyush Chawla! 3 for 37 in his debut match. Everybody knows how badly in need the Indian team is for a new quality spinner in its ranks and I fervently hope Piyush Chawla will be able to fill that gap.

The other awesome individual performer was ofcourse Gautam Gambhir with a classy knock of 101 runs. With all the harping going on about the importance of singles after the previous match, Gautam Gambhir and Rahul Dravid did just that.

However it is disappointing to see Virender Sehwag still unable to regain his fabled Midas' touch. Cricket is a team game after all and one good individual performance here and there will not do good. The whole team needs to be in top gear all the time if we are to be any good.

So with this win we have clinched the series as well. And dare I say we will get the series 3-0. As for the test matches I think India should be winning hands down.

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