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Monday, May 28, 2007

Four centuries and five wickets!

Four centuries with two of them unbeaten! And ofcourse a delectable cameo by Mahendra Singh Dhoni towards the end which is getting to be almost a regular feature lately. And then the Zaheer Khan act to wipe out the Bangladesh top order to add to the batting effort. Rest assured, this match is going to result in that elusive victory for India, maybe within three days into it.

Never mind the opposition. However flat the pitch was and however ineffective the Bangladesh bowling seemed, the biggest point is that at last the Indian team has come up with two full days of consistent high quality cricket. I just can't recollect the last time that happened.

Anyway, one thing that is so noticeable, with pleasure, is the Dhoni-Kaarthick duel, isn't it? Obviously both the wicketkeepers are trying to outperform each other and neither wants to let go the India cap. Great...thats awesome news for the Indian team. Gilchrist had once said if he didnt perform well for two games on the trot he would get the feeling the team was just carrying him and he could be ousted out of it any minute. With such intense competition driving the Aussies, no wonder they always perform so well. This competition has almost been absent in the Indian team especially for the wicketkeeper's slot and this present 'war of the wicket-keeper' is damn exciting to say the least!

About the Bangladesh performance all that is evident is how much they need to still progress in test cricket and how little their performance in the World Cup actually suggests about the team. For starters Habibul Bashar's decision to bowl first was undoubtedly one of the most generous offerings any captain could make to the opposition. Gavaskar's comment on that is totally on target:
There was no cricketing reason that one can think of for him doing so, for the pitch was flat, and even if there was a bit of cloud cover, his new-ball bowlers were hardly the type who could move the ball in that kind of weather.
And once Bashar made that decision, the rest, as they say, was just history.......

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