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Monday, May 21, 2007

The downside of being a cricket player ..... that when on tour you cannot eat what you like. Atleast that is true with the Indian team touring Bangladesh right now. Found this on cricketzone:
The dishes(for the Indian team in Bangladesh) were finalised in line with a guideline given by Indian team physical trainer Gregory Allen King, who has advised the hotel to desist from serving spicy food.
"A lot of items on the menu has been chosen by King," said a top executive.
So the physical trainer decides the food and any spicy food is a no-no. Ofcourse that doesn't mean the Indian cricketers out there are not enjoying the food at Bangladesh. Apparently Kumble was head over heels over the Wood Apple sherbet and even requested the chef for the recipe behind the sherbet! Ravi Shastri, the team manager, only eats yoghurt and honey every morning and that need is being taken care of. The South Indians are being taken care of too with Dosas being part of the menu. I can't imagine dosas even in North India leave alone Bangladesh. They are recieving royal treatment over there, aren't they? And with the rains ensuring the players are indoors half the time, it is all food and no play for the touring Indian team. Gregory King must be a concerned man.

But if you badly want some spicy food then you will have to slip away unnoticed in the middle of the night to a 24/7 joint (preferably an old and dingy one where people do not recognize any cricketers) and satisfy your craving! I'm sure the chubby Romesh Powar has some plans running in his head right now! But he'll need to discard those sunglasses during the night...

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