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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bashar makes all the wrong noises

When was the last time I heard a captain giving up hopes even before a series started and even expressing it blatantly? The Bangladesh captain, Habibul Bashar, seems to be doing just that. Some of his comments sound weird to me. You hardly ever expect a captain to say such things:
"The Indians are a better side. They may even win the two-Test series 2-0. Sourav and Sachin are top performers. We will try to get them out quickly. The Indians have adapted to the conditions well. They are tough opponents. But I would like to say here that all teams become equal when a match starts."

The last sentence sounds more like an afterthought. Bashar spoke his heart out and then checked himself in the last moment.

Anyway what a comment to make about a touring team! It may be true that India is due ti win 2-0 but then knowing the truth and expressing it so openly are two different things. After all there is the Bangladeshi team morale to consider. And about the comment on Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar; they are two senior members of the Indian team left out of the squad under the garb of "rest". Must have been humiliating for the two. And the Bangladesh captain welcomes them back with fear and respect?

Contrast this with what the Australian captain might have said under similar circumstances. Ponting and the whole Australian team of champion sledgers would have gone on harping about how Ganguly and Tendulkar have become non-performers and how tough it is going to be for them to be accepted back among their team-mates after being practically dropped from the one-day team. They would have chewed on any remaining self-belief in the two and tried to put them under colossal pressure. Psychological tactics, Mr.Bashar. The game actually starts well before the first ball is bowled.

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