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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bangladesh deserved the draw

Habibul Bashar, I am sure, is a happy man. For one thing some runs flowed today from his bat; something that has not really been happening to him in the recent past. And secondly, his team has drawn the first match in the two match series against India. Having expected a 2-0 knock-out for his team, this draw will certainly be as sweet as a win for him and his team. Ofcourse part of the responsibility for the draw should lie with the rain Gods, but I don't want to even imagine what would have happened had the rains not come pouring down during the course of the match. More embarasment for the Indian team, maybe.

Having scored 387 in the first innings and having got the opposition at 149/8 any other test-cricket team would have taken advantage of the huge lead and ensured atleast a near-victory situation if not for a win itself(considering the rains). But India were lurking far behind at the end of the match with not even a sniff of victory. Uninteresting, unexciting and unimaginative cricket is what we played to ensure a drab end to what was such a promising start.

Often, a whole test match depends on the first innings lead and when India had a chance to easily secure a first innings lead and even enforce a follow-on, our men faltered. In hindsight, we should have first of all gathered more runs in our first innings batting effort. None of the two centurions carried on to say a 150 or 175+ and none of the half centurions carried on to a 100+. In a test match on a flat track, a highest score of 101 is unforgivable, especially so when two centuries are involved. And the tail didnt wag at all. Scores of 7, 1 ,0, 1 from the last four batsmen are just not acceptable. How much difference some 20-30 runs at that stage would have made!

Now, this Bangladesh bowling attack is good. But surely they are not the best around. And if we are not able to chance the arm around and belt some quick runs off this bowling attack, God knows what depths this batting line-up of ours can achieve against some of the better attacks. 

And ofcourse, our bowlers and the captain just allowed Mortaza and Shahadat Hossain to bat on and on and on to easily avoid the follow on and much more.

The bottomline: The Indian team did not win since they did not deserve to and the Bangladesh team did not lose because they did not deserve to. And I should not have watched the match because the match did not deserve an audience.

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Homer said...

Hear hear!!! wonderfully stated Ananth

Cheers :)