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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When Ponting went after Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen has been one of Australia's biggest headaches for quite some time now. Sort of like an unconquered mountain peak. Right through the Ashes series he has been causing problems to the Australians and now he continues to do so in the World Cup.
It was no wonder therefore that an exasperated Ponting(who is anyway a compulsive sledger) just couldnt hold himself from going after him in a war of words(read as sledging). I dont know what he said but there sure were some exchanges between them in the game. Haha! This is what adds spice to the game. Good or Bad, such incidents do make the game exciting. We dont want drab plastic players on the field, do we?
And for more fun, take a look at what Ponting said of the incident after the game.

"Pietersen's name came up at a team meeting and I had got the feeling that he is a little like Tugga (Steve Waugh), Matty Hayden and Brian Lara in that when you have a go at them it makes them play better ... they enjoy it. I actually said to the team 'if he starts something let him go'. But as soon as he started I could not help myself. I jumped all over the top of him. It wasn't great leadership as far as I was concerned. But I am not sorry I did it."

Well, no surprises here. Typical Ponting and typical Australia. But no one is complaining. This game needs some fun and excitement.


Mike250 said...

And England still lost. ;)


Because Pietersen is not a team man.

Ananth said...

dont know about that, mike. but right now when it comes to batting, he and Bell seem to constitute the whole England team :)