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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

West Indies practically out of reckoning for the World Cup

I was backing the West Indians for a long time, even before the start of the World Cup. With a team boasting the likes of Lara, Chris Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul and playing in home conditions, I thought they could be the dark horses in the World Cup. But that was not to be. And South Africa with an amazing comeback after the defeat to Bangladesh, have really kicked the West Indians out of the World Cup.
Looking at the scorecard, it is not surprising that the South Africans were the No.1 one-day cricket team just a few days ago. They are really there at the top with the Australians. With a batting line up consisting of AB De Villiers, Graeme Smith, Kallis, Gibbs, Boucher, Pollock, Kemp etc. and given the fact that they can always play extra batsmen with Kallis and Pollock doubling as bowlers(that too frontline bowlers!) too they are certainly a formidable side. And they made no mistake this time. AB De Villiers just launched himself into the game scoring a mammoth 146 runs in good time. Kallis played well. Gibbs was aggressive. And Boucher was just stunning, hitting the ball with ease like it was a baseball game.
And with Ntini, Nel, Kallis and Pollock pegging away at the West Indian batsmen, they really didnt look like getting there at all. So now the host is out. They apparently still have a slim mathematical chance but then there is a limit to optimism too!
And by the way, it is just unimaginable that the South Africans had to lose to Bangladesh just a few days ago. Cricket is surely a funny game.

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