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Friday, April 6, 2007

A sport plagued by cheap pimps

This outpouring at cricinfo by a volunteer working for the World Cup presents the disgusting and pathetic way in which the cheap pimps in suits at the ICC deal with the game and the fans. Already the people at the ICC have blatantly shown their greedy lust for money in the case of the associate nations' participation, the youtube ban etc. and now they have to show their high handedness to the poor fan and leech out every penny in his pocket. This part is especially moving:
The biggest impression in my mind was the curtailing of freedom in your own country. It was martial law in the confines of a cricket ground. At the ground, water was TT$12 (US$2) a bottle - outside the fence and in the UWI café it was TT$4.50. A beer was TT$18 a cup - over at the café it was only TT$6.

The spectators passed the bars and concessions and simply walked away. One spectator, who on the first warm-up game arrived with his own water, was told he could not enter the arena with his plastic bottle, especially with the cap on, as this was clearly a weapon of mass destruction. He was taken from the UWI by paramedics at 3pm suffering from dehydration, because he could not afford to purchase water at the inflated price .

This was the highlight of the World Cup for me. I continued to volunteer (but the fire was out) as I was moved by that cricket fan who waited a lifetime to be a part of the first World Cup and almost paid the ultimate price.

What kind of an organization does that? Do we want cricket to be something like the WWF or something where players are only some kind of puppets on the stage aiding in money spinning? Someone is making too much money out there. And as long as politicians in black suits and shining boots are wiped off the face of cricket, such atrocities will continue. Maybe we need more former players who actually care for the game, at the helm.  It will never happen. But no one can stop me from wishing it would happen.

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