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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh..so thats how you score a century!

It was wonderful to just watch Gilchrist hammering away in a near perfect display of sublime slambang cricket in the final against Sri Lanka. Especially so since he was coming into the game after some pretty unimpressive performances throughout the tournament. But then when team needed him most Gilchrist responded with a breathtaking 149 of 104 balls with 13 stunning fours and 8 clean sixes. And as Jayawardene later said he actually did make an in-form Hayden look clumsy at the other end. So what's the secret of this timely comeback? A squash ball!

From Cricketzone:
Every time Gilchrist hit a six, he gestured towards a point on his gloves the reason for which he was prepared to share with the media at the end of the day. "Before the World Cup, I actually practised indoors and tried to improve my grip with half of the squash ball inside my gloves. It was a friend of mine, Bob Mueleman (former Western Australia player), who said that if I felt okay with it, I should gesture that I had got it right which is what I actually did in the middle."

The ploy clearly paid off with the 35-year-old stumper-batsman hitting the highest knock in a World Cup final, bettering his captain Ricky Ponting's 140 not out against India four years ago.
When the going gets tough, just trust Adam Gilchrist to come up with something.

And one more thing. Gilchrist made another interesting comment:
"It(the low scores in the World Cup) was frustrating for me. I had made a few low scores and couple of 40s without quite nailing a big one. So high are the standards set by guys in the dressing room that if you don't do that well, you actually start putting pressure on yourself and wondering if you really belong there. So in that sense it was a relief."
Pretty interesting, right? People talk about cooling down and not putting pressure on yourselves. But going by Gilchrist's words(and he does know a thing or two) pressure is actually a good thing. It is only how you take it and handle it that matters. You could either let it motivate you or dismember you. Quite a lesson in there for the others.

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