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Friday, April 27, 2007

Murali's wish

Muralitharan's words(from Indiatimes):
"It(winning the World Cup) would be a bigger achievement than all my personal records. Team success is something we all strive for. It will act as an inspiration for youngsters and we being a team of different nationalities, it could also help tide over the problems our nation faces. We are going through a bad situation in our country but this could achieve something different. When we did it in 1996, I was very young and didn't know what it takes to win the World Cup. Now I know how tough it is to do it," said the ever-smiling Murali in the team hotel.
Muttaiah Muralitharan has always been one of the more emotional guys in the cricket arena. His emotionally charged outburst about returning to his farming days when he was called a 'chucker' of the cricket ball is still fresh in my mind. He also is known to have suffered a lot of mental agony when the Australian crowd hackled him around making racist comments about him so much so that he had even refused to tour Australia at one point of time. And of course his untethered emotions once even caused a funny mix up leading to a controversial run-out decision. And with an ever-ready smile on his face he does come across as one of the less plastic players out there in the middle who actually feels with his heart.

And now the great man has one touching desire: to get the World Cup home not for himself but for his motherland and for his people. You are a lovely person, Murali and I do hope you have this desire of yours fulfilled though I know the task is almost an impossible one.

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