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Monday, April 30, 2007

A messed up end to a messed up tournament

What a fitting end to a totally senseless tournament. Everything about the ICC seems disgusting to me now. Afetr torturing an innocent, frolicking, unsuspecting public with high ticket pricings and ridiculous rules such as restrictions on carrying water and musical instruments(even conch shells!) into the stadiums, looks like they have turned to degrading the whole game now.

has a neat account of the whole incident:

6.17pm It's what is traditionally known as night. It is so dark but the umpires are now saying the match will continue. Heads should roll for this. The man is out putting the 30-yard circles back out. He needs a torch to do so. The batsmen are heading out to the middle accompanied by a guide dog.

6.15pmThis is a very unfunny joke, almost as if cricket was determined to show the world that it couldn't organise a whatsit in a brewery. The umpires are insisting the game is not over, everyone else thinks it is. Aleem Dar seems to be saying they can all come back tomorrow.
Steve Bucknor's looking quite embarrassed in the background, letting Dar lead the process. Jayawardene is now on the pitch to talk to Bucknor and Bowden.

6.12pmAnd the farce continues! Now the stands for the ceremony have been brought on... and are off again, as the umpires shoo them away. My word. Here's a man who can tell you more, it's Martin.

Now what's this? Aleem Dar is having a word with Australia, telling them they can't yet celebrate. Officially this match isn't over. You couldn't make it up. You don't have to.
In fairness, this doesn't stop Australia celebrating. McGrath's all of a beam and there's a thumbs up and a smile for the tv cameras.

The light's been offered and Sri Lanka have taken it - meaning Australia have won the World Cup again. They certainly deserve it and are huddling in celebration. A bit of a damp squib of an ending, which is of course fitting.
Wow! What an act! The ICC appointed officials either don't know cricket cannot be played in the dark or they don't know that when a match cannot continue further and the teams have already played 20 overs each, the match can be called off and decided by Duckworth-Lewis method. Apparently there was even some talk of using the reserve day inspite of the required 20 overs having been played! Ha ha..this is funny. 

I remember how the FIFA World Cuphad caused a huge and new enthusiasm about Soccer all over India. And I thought a cricket World Cup would spread a similar excitement in non-cricket playing nations. But then I had forgotten the ICC factor then....

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