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Monday, April 23, 2007

Lara gone

Brian Charles Lara does get his timing right on most occasions when he is out there with a bat in his hand. And I feel he has managed it one last time though in a different way in that he has timed his retirement from international cricket quite well. He really has not retired amid personal peaks and glorious victories for his teams. But then we atleast are spared the cruel sight of watching a man struggle with doing what he has always been a master of.
Anyway another illustrious career has come to an end and it is quite sad really that we will not be able to watch him grace the cricket filed in an international cricket match anymore. We will surely miss those ferocious pull shots and equally delicate glances and cuts ensuing from his bat. One thing is for sure though. It will take some serious cricketing talent to break some of the records that he has managed to set and it might take a long time for that to happen too.

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Sudip Kafle and Sujan Kafle said...

Other old players should get a lesson from him and should now retire. Why are players like vaughan,sachin, Younis Khan and others not getting retired. Hey get inspired from lara.

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