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Monday, April 2, 2007

"Incomplete Registration Email" - my thoughts

This is an off-topic sponsored post......

I have participated in a few seminars and other events registering through online event registration forms. Many a time though I have stopped midway through the registration either when I come across the fee part or may be when I suddenly reconsider my decision. And sometimes I rue the fact that I had not continued then. Maybe if I had received a reminder e-mail with a slight discount or a few more personal words of encouragement I would have gone on with it. And I hear that Regonline has now made this possible.

This, I feel, is a very ingenious method to capture more registrations. One is because of the ability to negotiate the fee charged while the other is because an e-mail is more personal and one-on-one than an online form. And I don’t think this is spamming either because I have chosen to participate and a polite well-worded reminder would not be considered intruding at all.

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