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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hayden doing some steamrolling

You know whats special about the Australian team? Many have said this before, including yours truly too, but I repeat the point again: Everyone in the Australian team is a matchwinner. Be it a newly inducted Shaun Tait, a returning Brad Hogg or a seasoned war horse like Ponting or Gilchrist. And everytime the Australians take on the field all they need is for two or three players to strike form and you can consider the job done(the job being nothing less than victory every game).
And now it is Hayden's time to strike gold. Just look at the guy's 2007 World Cup record: 580 runs so far including 3 quickfire centuries! He might have some detractors with reports about a spat with Damien Martyn leading to the latter's sudden retirement but then I suppose no one would be complaining when he is doing so well for the team. Actually 'well' is an understatement.
Hussey is out of form. So is Symonds. And to the rescue comes Hayden. And of course Ponting never seems to be bothered by such puny things as form. Sledgers or not, they are an amazing team! No wonder they keep winning and winning big every match they play. I have been mentioning various teams as possible World Champions throughout the competition and before that. But now I, as everyone else, am convinced that the world will not see a new champion. Australia will continue to reign supreme. Damn!


Homer said...

dan indeed.. but there is just the chance that Sri Lanka may derail them.. here's hoping!!

Sudip Kafle and Sujan Kafle said...

Definatetely hayden has become a real match winner. I think it is impossible to stop him now. Bowlers must be waiting for his retirement.

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~skepticbystander~ said...

I like to think that Sri Lanka has a good chance of taking the trophy home... they have some awesome players & brilliant bowlers.
Though I have to concede your point that Australia is too darn good & likely to reign supreme (going by their track record) * tragically * :)
Though this world cup has had a lot of surprises and a lot of upsets.. Where did all the marketing & advertising land up... Consider the blogging contest -

Oh Well! Guess we'll find out...