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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Greg Chappell calls it quits

What was imminent has finally happened. After Sachin Tendulkar's uncharacteristic outpouring to the press it was pretty clear that the coach and the senior players in the team had only hate for each other.

It was obvious earlier too. Ganguly hated Chappell. Sehwag hated Chappell. Harbhajan had mentioned it too. But inspite of all this the coach continued to 'coach' the team under a fiegned disguise of total normality. Unspoken thoughts led to pressure building up in the dressing room and stars became worthless non-performers. The result was a belittling loss to Bangladesh and a quick exit from the World Cup after a pathetic display of brainless cricket from the 'boys'. And there started the search for the scapegoats.

Chappell was blamed. He was enraged. What does he do? He passes on the blame(and correctly too, I feel) to the 'senior players'. It was okay till here. 'Things can still be worked out' was the favourite line. But then Chappell being the outspoken, ruthless, almost arrogant and blunt man that he is, went one step further. He committed the cardinal sin of smearing black blame on the one man that the average Indian cricket lover STILL worships as the pure white GOD of Indian cricket. And that provided the spark in the already high pressure atmosphere. Then came fire and smoke and finally CHAPPELL CHOKES.


But actually it is the selectors who should have choked. This World Cup debacle only validates everything that Chappell believed in and everything that he wanted to do with Indian cricket. He wanted young blood. Young, confident and strong men such as Dhoni, Yuvraj, Raina and Dinesh Kaarthick who could belt the cricket ball with complete surety like a Symonds, a Hussey or a Pietersen. But what he got was an unsure Tendulkar, a totally messed up Sehwag and a scared Ganguly. Who is at fault then? The selectors or the coach? Unfair to blame Chappell. Anyway his manner of almost arrogant blatantness was sometimes uncalled for and his presence can only have caused further friction in the Indian team as if what is already existing is not enough. So with a smile on my face I'll say: so long mate!

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Anonymous said...

Finally some true and honest evaluation of India world cup debacle.
Does anybody remember what Chappell(or chapal) said when he got into fight with Dada. Chappel said Ganguly is unruly, psmpered and does what ever he wants. Same thing Chappell said after Indias WC. If indian seniors acted like mafia why he never said before world cup. Why it came after the loss. The real problem was Chappel and selectors, who were responsible for disintegrating Indian team. It is not some crazy Indian fan. I am not saying Chappell should be decorated with chapals. But proper analysis of Indias exit should be made.