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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ex-players basking in the limelight

Don't you think these former Indian cricket players are just going too far?
Indian cricket is in ruins. Everyone is saying that. Players who were no match to Tendulkar's skills and abilities are now handing out 'advise', sympathising with him, lashing out at him, criticising his commitment and so on and on and on. Ex-players are blaming Chappell for having thrown Indian cricket to the dogs. There are opinions everywhere. Some want Dravid sacked(poor fellow)! And in between someone throws in Mohinder Amarnath's name for the position of coach. And everyone is lapping up the idea and he seems to be the hot favourite among the ex-players now(god knows the reasons). Ravi Shastri is the Manager of the Indian team for the Bangladesh tour. Meetings are happening every other day. The only news on Indian cricket nowadays is that of some 'ex-player' or the other giving out his few golden words on what Team India should do to become the blue eyed boys of tomorrow(Some of these comments can be aggregated and compiled into a '101 ways to turn around your life in a day' book). These are important men now. And it is obvious that they are enjoying all the attention. Wonder where all these people were when India was performing well. When we reached the World Cup finals in 2003.
Reminds me of Bishen Singh Bedi who used to, and continues to, come up with his sudden insights into Murali's or Harbhajan's bowling actions and the media would make a beeline to his residence. Unfortunately it is only criticism that attracts media attention as it makes for some good gossip. And people do really know how to make use of it. I may be wrong. But then this overdose of criticism is getting quite heady for me.


Homer said...

Hear hear!!

thing is, all ex cricketers crave for thier 2 seconds of fame.. and since negativity is the order of the day, so be it..


Anuraw said...

Yea! you thinking right, the amount of comments they made on current team is big. I guess they forget their old days when they were playing, how many matctches they have won outside india?

How good fielders they were at their prime? and today they comments on all these things.

Such a bullshit!!!

Anonymous said...

u r right. All these ex-cricketers have loud mouths. They cannnot contribute and say what is/was wrong with tendulkart/shewag/harbajan /pathan. They dont know cricket. All ex and present wants to make money and be in limelight/power/future commentators/coaches, knowing nothing.

Ananth said...

THANK YOU homer, anuraw and anon for your comments. I see I am not alone in my displeasure towards our former players.