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Monday, April 30, 2007

End of a great career

After Inzamam and Lara it is time to wish another cricketing great goodbye. And this time it is the Aussie quickie Glenn McGrath. End of a glittering career I must say. Some call him a bowling machine for his impeccable control and accuracy. Some others call him a work horse for the way he has carried the mantle of strike bowler relentlessly for years on end defying age and injuries.

Of course he'll be known for a lot of other things he has done on the cricket field too not the least of them being the "pleasantries" that he has so often offered to opposition players. Well, McGrath doesn't want to be remembered for sledging but then thats how the world works mate. You've done it and you'll be made to remember it. I dont think he'll actually regret it though,  given the number of times it has worked out in his favour.

I, personally, will remember him for one reason. I was watching an interview of his with Harsha Bhogle on Harsha Online and at one point Harsha started belting out McGrath's wicket numbers(253rd ODI wicket for example) at random and McGrath could exactly pinpoint who's wicket that was, where it was taken and how. That was amazing and really goes to show how serious he is about his cricket. Maybe that is one reason why he was so successful in what he did.

Anyway opposition batsmen will not miss him at all but opposition bowlers might. He's got a huge number of ducks after all. No one is perfect.

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