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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chappell has gone too far?

Chappell seems to be fast progressing in terms of unpopularity ratings in the Indian camp. He started off with an imfamous spat with Ganguly. Then there was Harbhajan accusing him of dividing the team. Then came Sehwag and now the big man Sachin Tendulkar himself. Chappell had pointed accusing fingers at the so called GOD of Indian cricket terming his commitment as questionable. And Sachin, normally a no-comment man when it comes to criticism or controversies made it clear that he was 'hurt'. And when you 'hurt' a national icon it is only suicidal. I guess Chappell has gone too far this time. This might very well be the last piece of criticism he has handed out. Sachin is hurt. And that means Greg Chappell is done....

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