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Friday, April 27, 2007

The big day arrives!

The seemingly invincible Australians take on the Lankan lions tomorrow the 28th of April. And as I have been maintaining thus far I give the Australians a 10% chance of losing and the Sri Lankans a 90% chance. But then lets not forget this is cricket that we are talking about and we still have to wait for the match to end to identify the victor.

And as normally happens before a big event a lot of action is happening before the actual action itself:

And by the way, I remember giving a similar title as this one to my post on the eve of the first match of World Cup 2007. Back then my fingers were trembling in the excitement. I might be exaggerating( *wink*), but the point I am trying to make is that likeness in the titles in no way means that the enthusiasm in me is the same then and now. Perhaps its because my team is not part of the World Cup anymore or maybe it is the stupid schedule of the World Cup that has got me tired. Whatever the reason, the next World Cup better be shorter and sweeter.

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