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Sunday, April 8, 2007

BCCI brings down an iron hand

Such a shame that Indian cricket has come down to a level where it has become necessary for a panel of former cricketers and some others to do some headmaster-esque schooling and punish a bunch of spoilt kids. But anyway this was long due and now has been done. One very welcome decision is on the player endorsement issue which says:
A player will endorse not more than 3 sponsors / products

No Sponsor can contract more than 2 players.

The players will not be allowed to do any sponsor-related events 15 days before the tour and also during the tour.

No player shall have exclusive contracts with electronic or print media. Only the captain can write a column or talk to the media but not exclusively.

The players shall take prior approval of the Board before signing any endorsement contract and will submit a copy of the agreement to the Board. All the players shall submit a copy of the existing contracts with sponsors to the Board.
Hope this will help the players realize that playing for the country is a responsibility first and a profession later.

That done the real challenge now lies in improving the quality of cricket at the Ranji level. Quite a few plans have been laid out in this regard too. But only time will tell if the panel has the strategies in place for this to happen.

But by far the masterstroke, I feel, is the inclusion of the former bigshots of Indian cricket in the thought process. Apparently a cricket advisory committee consisting of former Indian captains will be formed. Now that has to be a good thing. Better than one Greg Chappell, I'm sure.

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