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Monday, April 9, 2007

Australia walkover England and regain ICC top spot

It was not not too many days ago that I had blogged about New Zealand beating Australia and South Africa taking over the top spot in the ICC one-day cricket rankings. I had then thought Australia were at the begginning of a decline and they would recieve fierce competition. Now though I guess all my bright ideas stand totally unfounded.
Australians have formally resumed their England mauling and the brief period when England were actually beating the Aussies remained just that: brief.
That characteristic aggressive attitude has won god-knows-how-many matches for Australia and this match against England was no different. Shaun Tait, the tearaway quickie and Mr.Glenn 'workhorse' McGrath provided the aggression in the bowling department while Hayden, Gilchrist, Clarke and specially Ponting plotted the run carnage.
And now amply aided by the South African loss to Bangladesh they are back to the now familiar No.1 spot. But they couldnt stop the South Africans from pocketing the US$175,000 though as they were the No. 1-ranked country at the end of the ICC year on April 1. Ha ha!
Wonder who will have the last laugh when the World Cup comes to an end.

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