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Sunday, March 11, 2007

World Cup trophy damaged in Kolkata

Apparently a gold ring at the bottom of the World Cup trophy somehow came unstuck. Cricinfo says:
A statement from the sponsors claimed the gold ring came unstuck when the trophy was handed over by the ICC earlier this week. "The lower gold ring of the World Cup was detached from the wooden base when the trophy was received from the ICC," the  statement said. "ICC policy does not allow anyone except the official trophy makers to repair/polish the trophy. "Therefore, LG (sponsors) received the trophy with the lower ring detached from the wooden base."
Wonder how this happened. Knowing those politicians at the BCCI for what they are, maybe one of them thought the gold could come of some use! Jus' kidding...


Samir Chopra said...


Thanks for your comment on Eye-on-cricket. I've replied to your comment back there.

BTW, I'm not sure that you should let the BCCI off so easily in this business :) They have a keen eye for figuring how to squeeze out the last penny from every deal!


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