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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Will Dravid's instincts pay off?

Really, the only two selections for the Indian World Cup squad that have been largely doubted are those of Sehwag and Pathan. And with Dilip Vengsarkar, the chairman of selectors, making it clear that Sehwag is 'in' only due to Dravid's stubborn insistence, a Sehwag failure will have accusing fingers pointing at the Indian captain and his success will ensure the opposite happens.

Personally, I strongly believe(and strongly pray) that Dravid's little gamble will pay off. Sehwag showed flashes of his belligerent self in the last match against the Lankans which goes to show that he is not exactly helpless about his batting form. And with predictions being made that cricket pitches in the Carribean are going to be nothing short of belters, the kind that would make Sehwag smack his lips in anticipation, Viru's chances seem quite bright.

Of course, cricket being the game that it is, any prediction is only a blind shot. Only time will tell whether Virender Sehwag will make his captain proud or have him hide his face in shame. So, the question remains: Will Dravid's instincts pay-off?


Crichawk said...

I am quite certain about Sehwag performin in the upcoming cup strictly due to the law of averages. Whether he performs or not, it was wrong on the selectors' part to make a public comment about Sehwag.

Ananth said...

couldn agree more with you about the Vengsarkar comment, crichawk...