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Friday, March 23, 2007

What do Dravid & co. have in store for us today?

Honestly, my excitement has been dampened a little by the Bob Woolmer affair. And about the only thing that could revive it now is a thumping win for India over Sri Lanka today. That means my excitement is going to remain damp forever (just took a little dig at the Indian team. Feeling better now :-) ).

More seriously, the “stars” have to shine today. This is an acid test of their abilities. We need them to atleast put up an honest fight (not a drab 150 allout). I thought Dhoni would light up the World Cup. He has not. Not as yet. Infact no one except Yuvraj has really dazzled. And we don’t want today’s match to be their last chance. I hope we make it. I have to keep in mind though that it’s the Indian team I am talking about. So I am really hoping against hope (that was another dig. ah! now, that feels a lot more better).

Technically, we will still progress to the super8 even if we lose this match provided Bangladesh loses to Bermuda. But practically, we know that won't happen. A loss here will mean joining Pakistan in the return flight. 

Again I hope the Bob Woolmer thing had never happened at all....it feels weird talking about cricket like business as usual when a precious human life has been taken away, the way it was.

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saurav said...

the only thing that they have in store for us is "shame and disgrace".these fuckin assholes will soon bring cricket at par with hockey standards.i wish to cry a river... the only thing i'm happy about is they didnt lose to bermuda(hahahahaha..)
its better we stop watching cricket... i just ask u people to give it a thought nd join me.quit cricket.. nd life would be better.
buhuuuuuubuhuuuubuhuuu... sobing..