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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh - this match is a lot more than what meets the eye

Lots of permutations and combinations are possible in group B that will decide the fate of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the World Cup and this match will have a huge role. Let me make an attempt to get some possibilities cleared:

- If Bangladesh wins this match they are almost assured of a Super8 ticket. They will only have to beat Bermuda which I suppose they will accomplish quite easily. The fight for the other ticket will then be between Sri Lanka and India.

- However if Sri Lanka wins this match then again the doors would still remain open for all the three teams. However Sri Lanka will have an edge owing to their already high Net Run Rate and will only have to ensure that they do not lose very horribly against the Indians to book a Super8 slot. The competition would then come down to India and Bangladesh.

- Now for the Indian perspective. In other words this is what I want things to be like :-). Sri Lanka should beat Bangladesh by a huge margin so that the Bangladeshi run rate falls so low that if India only ensures a neat enough victory(if not very big) against the Lankans, we will get through. I doubt if Bangladesh has the firepower to defeat Bermuda by as huge a margin as would be required to surpass the Indian NRR(which has risen owing to the belting performance against Bermuda). This would mean that in addition to India crossing over to the Super8, we will also be going in with two points gained by the victory against Sri Lanka, the other Super8 qualifier.


Anonymous said...

i hope India makes it- i want to see Sachin bat! -a Sri Lankan

Ananth said...

me too, anon! A bit unfortunate though that if we make it it will be at the cost of our good neighbours...