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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The real World Cup begins

What an awesome feat by Lasith Malinga! Four South African wickets in four balls. And what a perfect situation to bring up the amazing achivement. Consider this: South Africa have got 4 to win from 32 balls with 5 wickets in hand. And into the dead game is unleashed a man with a hairdo that can only be described as funky. He puts in four deliveries with a very curious yet deadly round-arm action and suddenly the game turns into a first rate thriller with the equation now being 3 of 22 balls with a lone wicket to protect.

This is how one-day cricket was designed to be (too bad Malinga couldnt finish it off with a victory for his team though). High quality players such as Malinga turning games topsy-turvy and making them totally unpredictable till the last ball is bowled and the last run scored. Not the drab one-sided 400+ and 150 all out scores that we have been getting used to seeing in the past few weeks. Of course the unexpected entry of Ireland into the Super8 will take a bit of the almost violent competition out of the tournament (Bangladesh might effect a few surprises though).

Ah!...if only the the world cup was exclusively for full members of ICC, I can only imagine how fiercely competitive it would have been right from day one. And maybe India would have still been in the tournament. Wishful thinking? Anyway, India or no India, I am going to follow this World Cup closely. Especially the NZ-Aus encounter.

And before the infamous ICC-Youtube tussle ends up in all those cricket videos being permanently removed from youtube let me sneak in one of them. You know which one this is! (Clue - this video features a ball of bleached hair)

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