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Sunday, March 18, 2007

India's inexcusable loss against Bangladesh

An awful, inexcusable, deplorable and totally forgettable display of batting by the 'high and mighty' Indian batsmen really setup the stunning Bangladeshi 5 wicket win over India. I always feared this would happen and now it has happened.

Complacency in the Indian ranks was clear. The big wins in the practice matches did not help after all. None of the batsmen with the exception of Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh tried to first look at the bowling and then go for the shots.

Another factor suggesting complacency on the part of the Indians was the decision to bat first. It was an early morning start and everyone was talking in clear terms about the pitch having something for the bowlers earlier on. Yet Dravid chose to blow away the advantage of winning the toss and elected to bat first. You may call that a bold decision. I call it a clear undermining of the Bangladeshi bowling attack. I am sure in my mind that had we batted second our bowlers would have won the match for us.

Another nonsensical decision was to send Sehwag opening on a moving pitch which was sure to ease off later. When we anyway have another opener in Uthappa in the team it would have made a lot of sense to push Sehwag into the lower order. Lower order hitting is the key in a one-day match and Sehwag could have done the job.

Anyway, congratulations to the Bangladesh cricket team to for putting in such a brave and spirited performance. They wanted to win this match for Manjural Islam and Sajjadul Hasan, two cricketers who sadly died in a road accident very recently. Islam and Hasan will be smiling right now.


Rishabh said...

Dude, I think India lost it at the time of toss itself. We have been seeing from the practice matches that the pitches have behaved the way they did yesterday, and still Dravid opted to bat first.

Ananth said...

you are echoing my thoughts, rishabh. but then India could still hav put up a fight with some sensible batting in the final overs wen the pitch didnt look all that menacing...but that was not to be...5 wickets falling so cheaply is ridiculous

Ganesh said...


I noticed that you successfully predicted through your common sense evaluation that India could lose against Bangladesh prior to the match. I also used statistical techniques including form as a key factor to predict that India could lose to Bangladesh (Predictions- India Vs Bangladesh cricket match)