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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gibbs' six sixes

Everyone is talking about Herschelle Gibbs and so will I. The whole South African team in general and Gibbs in particular literally toyed with the Netherland bowlers. But the highlight of the the match was ofcourse Gibbs grabbing a piece of history when he hit six sixes of six deliveries. It is a first for International cricket and I believe this will happen time and again every four years when the minnows surface.

A lot has been said about the utter needlessness of having the weaker teams playing in such a highly regarded tournament as this but of course the ICC will hear nothing about any of this. They need revenue and more matches will bring just that. I doubt if the real reason in having the minnows play is to improve cricket in their countries. We all know that there are much better ways of doing that.

Anyway, ICC and minnows apart, the six sixes feat is great for Gibbs. He is a powerful man and this feat will do him good for the rest of the series. For those of you who missed the telecast, here is a video from youtube. The fifth one was truly special for the sheer unorthodoxity and brutality of the shot. Match fixing or the quota system or poor form, nothing can stop Gibbs from being the butcher that he is.

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