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Friday, March 16, 2007

The first good match in a boring World Cup...

...and it had to come from Ireland! Surely the Ireland-Zimbabwe tie has been the most thrilling match in the world cup so far. And considering that this is only the third match in world cup history to end in a tie, it make the game all the more unique. While appreciation to the Irish team for having pulled out this feat is due, one cannot really help feeling sorry for the dismal state of affairs of the Zimbabwean cricket team. Once comprised of some distinguished cricketers such as Heath Streak, Tatenda Taibu and the Flower brothers among others, the team is in shambles now owing to some dirty politics of the land. Henry Olanga's "black banded" appearance before he left his land for England fearing for his life is still fresh in my mind. An emerging crop of young blood in the team was crushed and the team is now only made up of 'fillers'. An improving team was unfortunately nipped in the bud.

On another note, the West Indians are looking more and more like a silent force to me after that victory against Pakistan. I had made a mention before of a possibility of them being dark horses and I re-emphasise on it here.

And at St.Lucia, England seems to be struggling a little against the New Zealand bowling. 91/3 reads the scoreboard in 27 overs. Pietersen is there though at 35 at 62 balls. You can never say when he will start throwing his bat around. And as I type that he takes Patel for a huge six!

And regarding tomorrow, we finally have India taking on to the field against Bangladesh. I feel we need to be a little wary of the Bangladeshi cricketers lest some of my fears come true!

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