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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The BIG DAY arrives!

March 13th 2007, the day cricket-maniacs like me have been awaiting for quite some months now has finally arrived. Ushered in by some colourful celebrations (of which cricinfo has a neat account), I guess it couldn't be beginning with a more appropriate match than the West Indies vs Pakistan one scheduled for the opening day. Both teams being as unpredictable as the Indian monsoons, the match really sets the pace for the mega tournament. Anything can happen. The match could be a nail-biter on one side or a horribly one-sided event on the other, as could be the whole World Cup itself and I,rather smartly, am not venturing into any predictions right now.

On the flip side though, rivetting as the tournament would be, it is really sad that there are some matches that are mere formalities. In a tournament where high voltage cricket is generated everytime, such 'filler' matches do tend to take a bit of the sheen away. Only a bit though! I am going to stay stuck to the action no matter what. Eagerly waiting for the 17th March am I, when the Indians clash with the Bangladeshis. The 'men in blue' will be looking to strike the right note and it would be interesting how some of the out-of-form players will fare.

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