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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Beating the minnows

Cricket seems to be an easy game. Pakistan has been playing cricket for a few decades now. So has India. In contrast Ireland is playing it's first World Cup under the tag of minnows and Bangladesh is playing under the same tag too though not in it's first World Cup. We've got decades of experience in the Indian and Pakistan teams and yet Ireland ends up beating Pakistan(after having drawn a game against the Zimbabweans) and Bangladesh literally beats up the Indian team.

These World Cups have traditionally been funny and it is no different this time round. Kenya went up to the semis last time and this time we could have debutant Ireland walking into the super 8.

Maybe our batsmen need to be more professional. Treat the minnow bowlers with respect. Run more ones, twos & threes and post a decent score. Not a huge score but atleast a score of say 240-250. I am sure the minnows do not have the batting depth and discipline to chase such a target. The batting department is where we need to outwit them because batting alone is the true test of skill for an inexperienced team. Surely, producing ten good balls requires far less consistency than scoring 250 clean runs.

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